A Conference:
VAGTC Conference 2015 - Only 2 short months away! PLACES STILL AVAILABLE, REGISTER NOW

Register now for the VAGTC 2015 conference.

"Gifted Education Essentials..Tools for putting Theory into Practice"

Discounts available for schools sending 4 or more participants. Contact the VAGTC at infolorax [at] vagtc [dot] asn [dot] au for further details. 

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A Seminar:
Parent Seminar - EXTENDED GIFTED SEMINAR (from previously advertised seminar) Places still available REGISTER NOW

The VAGTC is delighted to be able to invite parents to an EXTENDED parent seminar.

Part 1 - As previously advertised.....


Whether you are the parent of a pre-schooler, or a primary or secondary aged gifted child, this parent session will be ideal for you.

Come along, armed with all the questions you ever wanted to ask!

This moderated session will include a panel of experienced educators from Early Childhood - Dr. Anne Grant; Primary  - Andrea Blake; and Secondary settings - Kate Mitchell, plus an Educational Psychologist - Gail Bryne.

This session will give parents the opportunity to explore some common themes and issues in gifted education.

Part 2 - New......


Presented by Michele Juratowitch, Director of Clearing Skies, Queensland

Happiness is widely accepted as a critical element in the psychological health and wellbeing of young people and happiness has been described as the most overlooked variable in education; however there has been scant attention paid to this factor within Gifted research. In contrast, there has been extensive reasearch about the nature of happiness within the field of Positive Psychology without sufficiently investigating the relationship between happiness, intellectual ability and talent development. 

"I just want my child to be happy" proclaim many parents of gifted children; yet parental expectations and the nature of happiness among gifted children remains unclear. A pilot study, involving identified gifted students and their parents provides differing perspectives about gifted children's happiness. Knowing how gifted children's perspectives differ from others will enable parents, teachers and counsellors to: understand their psychosocial needs; structure affective interventions and supports; provide experiences to facilitate the development of happiness, wellbeing, engagement and learning among gifted children and adolescents. 


Michele Juratowitch provides services to meet the needs of gifted children, their parents and teachers. She provides counselling for gifted youth and their parents; has been a lecturer in the postgraduate course in Gifted Education at GERRIC, UNSW. Michele was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study the counselling and intervention needs of gifted children.

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